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Steven Neil Moore is an Amazon Best-selling author of the Joshua Chronicles; an epic series about an age old conflict and a young man caught in the middle. 


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Plan: Chaos Rising (Book 2)


February 10, 2017 Release date!

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"Four Out Of Five Stars"

"... this is a timely work of fiction from a new author and should be well received by readers..."
... a refreshing prism through which to view a tale of corporate espionage."
"... demonstrates to Moore's credit, fluidity of plotting, organic character growth, and a subtle, not often heard message about how power can be used for good."
"... hard to find a single wasted sentence."
"...a good read with strong characters and a tight storyline, blending elements of suspense and fantasy..."
"Moore appears to be on a successful trajectory." - Clarion Review

"Pilgrim's Progress meets Tom Clancy in this confident, effective thriller."
"... Very satisfying." - Kirkus Reviews
"... blends futuristic science-fiction scenarios remarkably well with old-fashioned moral messages."
"... a hero with a compelling background story and a realistically drawn everyday life, a hero that readers can both admire and understand."
"... a satisfying ending with the promise of more to come."
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Progress Meters

Plan: Chaos Rising (Book 2)

119592 / 119592 words. 100% written.

Editing - done!

Cover layout and design - done!

Interior layout - in process.

Release date - the final countdown has begun!!!

Echos of Ella

9583 / 71653 words. 13% done writing!

In the news... (at least my news.)

Boy, have I been busy . . .Look what's coming 

Okay . .  where did Theft go?  

I know I'm not crazy; and that book has been out there for a LONG time.

What happened?

I'll fill you in once Plan is out.


Here ye, here ye...GLORIOUS INCORPORATED Audiobook is available!

Ladies and gentlemen.  It is will great pleasure that I announce that the audiobook format of GLORIOUS INCORPORATED is now available for download.  Check out the available resellers from the link below.

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What would the Feeks do?

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 4:20 PM

Well, it must have taken something pretty powerful for me to finally take some time to update this pitiful excuse for a blog. I would like to think that the below qualifies but as with my books, that's up to you. 


Over the last few months, I have been following the story of a very courageous and at peace woman name Joey Feeks. She and her husband, Rory, are country music artists with very simple and earthy values. The most genuine of those, is their love for each other, the...

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"Echoes of Ella" – New Book Development and Departure… temporarily.

All writers have to experiment at some point in their careers. My main passion and genre is action-adventure thrillers. Every once in a while, I have fleeting ideas for stories outside of my wheelhouse. I'm taking the leap and putting one out there. Echoes for Ella is currently in the storyboard phase. This book will be a love story, but fret not my diehard thriller fans. I will continue to delight you with tales of espionage, supernatural events, and just plain exciting dialogue. The next installment of the Joshua Chronicles, Plan: Chaos Rising is over half completed. I will continue to work on that as well. The idea for Echoes was just too powerful for me to pass up though. My hope is to bring in a new wave of fans that enjoy a nice romance as well as action-packed, world ending tales.

More to come as Echoes develops.

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