The Joshua Chronicles, by Steven Neil Moore

The Joshua Chronicles

Glorious Incorporated (The Joshua Chronicles, Book 1)

In the ongoing war between good and evil, many battles are fought on many fronts. Leaders emerge from the unlikeliest circumstances to tip the balance of power. The power of good embodied in Jonah International, a powerful corporate entity whose only interest is in ensuring mankind's power of choice and thwarting evil at every turn. The world is falling under an influence of darkness and is in desperate need of a defender to lead them into the light. The leaders at Jonah believe that the answers lie in Joshua Arden, a young man with a hard life whose destiny could change the face of humanity and faith forever. The choice to accept this responsibility is his own. How will he choose?


 GLORIOUS INCORPORATED will leave you on the edge of your seat in this exciting debut thriller!


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Plan: Chaos Rising (The Joshua Chronicles, Book 2)

The war between good and evil has gone beyond corporate entities. The Light struggles to maintain the balance for humanity, to provide them the right to decide their own fate. The enemy is gaining ground through theft, deception, and misdirection, and they're winning.

Enemy agents, both human and demon, are working together towards an unknown goal, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. They have a plan.

Joshua Arden has now achieved global fame; a celebrity status that he is uncomfortable with, but comes due to his selflessness to do for those who cannot do themselves. Joshua and his team must find a way to defeat the darkness, and save as many souls as possible along the way. They need a plan of their own.

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