Glorious Incorporated (Book 1)

Glorious Incorporated: The Joshua Chronicles (Book 1)


This is where it all starts for the young hero, Joshua Arden.  Coming from a small town just outside of Kenosha Wisconsin, Joshua has suffered a lot through his childhood.  Throughout all the struggles, he has remained resilient and held his head up high.  A young headstrong college graduate, he and his best friend move to New York City to fulfill their dream of entering the corporate life and making a difference.


Things are not as they seem… they never really are though, are they?


Joshua's dream job allows him to help those who cannot help themselves.  He provides a voice on behalf of those people, and has the backing of his company, Jonah International to enable a difference and change.  His motivation is clear; he just wants to help.  He is not swayed by the normal corporate trappings of greed, power, and money.  That in itself becomes problematic for another corporation that is bent on his destruction. 


The CEO of Alastar-McGlocklin has been given clear orders from his superiors, a mysterious group known simply as the Senior Partners.  They are to track a high-level asset that's going to mean the difference between winning an unknown war.  A war that is oblivious to most of mankind, but has been raging for centuries.


Joshua is thrown into a world full of religious relics, advanced technology, unexplainable situations, and epic confrontations.  All through these adventures, he uncovers a secret, that the events in his life have been shaped since his birth.


GLORIOUS INCORPORATED: THE JOSHUA CHRONICLES takes you on a journey of the hero of mankind.  A simple young man who's just looking for a 9 to five job, but gains much more as he discovers that his destiny has been planned out as the new champion for the light.


An intriguing read with rave reviews, GLORIOUS INCORPORATED is the beginning of the multi-novel series The Joshua Chronicles.  THEFT: CHAOS RISING is the second book in the series, and promises an event that is the beginning of the end.

Glorious Incorporated (Book 1) - Audio Book
Glorious Incorporated: The Joshua Chronicles, Book 1 - Audio Format

Here is the dynamic telling of thrilling origin of Joshua Arden's rise to leadership.  Bob Dunsworth does an amazing narrative with the many story voices.  A tale worth your time!

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