Theft: Chaos Rising - The Joshua Chronicles (Book 2)

Theft: Chaos Rising (Book 2)

What happens when you become unwitting pawns in the descent of mankind?


Nigel and Victoria were contracted to do a job, their biggest job yet. To them, they were just stealing something that was going to give them the payout of their careers. This wasn't going to be a simple "snatch and grab"; they needed to plan this meticulously. Blueprints, security specs, personnel schedules, and all the details to complete this successfully had been covered and rehearsed over and over. There was no way anything could go wrong.


No matter how much planning, they couldn't account for things they did not know. They didn't count on security personnel to find breadcrumbs of the crime in progress. They completely underestimated the smart artificial intelligence posing as a security system, and had absolutely no way of knowing that a supernatural presence was influencing and shaping the events.


THEFT: CHAOS RISING is the beginning of the end of life as we know it.

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